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Manuscript submission and processing

Manuscript submission and processing

Manuscript submission and processing
1. Manuscripts (both text and illustrations) are submitted electronically by e-mail. Editors dismiss manuscripts that do not conform with the rules of the journal. Authors whose mother tongue is not a language of the submitted paper are advised to have the manuscript linguistically reviewed by a native speaker before submitting it to the editor.
2. All submitted manuscripts are subject to peer-review by leading specialists in the respective topics. Reviewers remain anonymous if they wish so.
3. An author corrects the manuscript according to reviewers' and (or) the editor’s comments and may be asked to answer some questions of the reviewers or an editor.
4. Manuscript is being proof-read by the issuing editor and sent back to an author with annotations.
5. Manuscript is finally checked and corrected in accordance with the comments or suggested corrections by the the issuing editor.
6. An author receives and corrects PDF proof (layout) of the paper.
7. When a paper is published an author receives its PDF and 10 print copies for free.